4 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Corner Guards

Corner guards come in different sizes and shapes. They provide wall protection to your building and are ideal for use in various establishments such as airports, hospitals, hotels, etc. They feature different designs that are suited for different requirements.

If your main aim is impact protection without fancy aesthetic considerations, or perhaps you want your corner guards to blend in with the rest of your wall, there are different types to choose from.

Choosing one type of corner guards over another is informed by many considerations. You need to avoid some common mistakes that most people make when buying corner guards. Here are some of the most glaring ones.

1. Buying from the Wrong Supplier

Buying from distributors and sales reps come with a cost markup. The solution is to source your corner guards directly from the manufacturer to enjoy cost discounts that a retailer or a sales representative is unlikely to afford. Besides, manufacturers provide huge discounts for bulk purchases since increased production also lowers the cost of production. Manufacturers are then able to pass on such savings from the economies of scale to you, the buyer.

2. Choosing the Wrong Corner Guard

Corner guards are manufactured for various intents and purposes. Depending on the design of your establishment and the structure of your wall, the right corner guard is one that complements both the design and the structure of your establishment.

While in some cases clear, glossy, coloured polycarbonate corner guards work very well, in others, the rigid vinyl that features a textured matte finish can be just what you need to hide scrapes and prevent scuffing since it does not chip or break easily. While the initial cost for vinyl corner guards could be high, they are more cost-effective in the long run since they are easy to maintain and can last a long time.

3. Buying the Wrong Wing Size

This is another common mistake made by most people. Corner guard flanges feature different wing widths. When choosing the appropriate corner guard, you need to consider both its functionality and aesthetics. Depending on your establishment, you can choose corner guards that not only provide maximum protection, but also those that aesthetically blend in with the design of your wall or establishment.

You can choose from 1.5″x1.5″, 1″x1″, or .75″x.75″ wings. Besides, the corner guards should come in a range of colours so you can pick the one that complements the rest of your establishment’s design.

4. Wrong Installation

To get the most out of your corner guards, you need to have them professionally installed. They should be appropriately fastened on walls and corners that are likely to absorb potentially damaging impact. For instance, the peel-and-stick double-sided corner guards are ideal for taping onto a painted drywall. They, however, may not be ideal for certain types of wall coverings, but you can install untaped corner guards by using an adhesive. If you are looking for corner guards to install in your hotel, you may have to consider aesthetics that would complement the rest of your design. Having exposed fasteners in hotel rooms and lobbies can be unseemly, something that most hotels do their best to avoid.

Undoubtedly, every establishment with a lot of foot and trolley traffic should be protected with corner guards. This has the effect of protecting your building walls and therefore saves you a lot in maintenance costs. However, the right corner guard should adhere to both form and function to aesthetically blend with the rest of your establishment. While the clear, glossy type may be ideal in some cases, in others, the more expensive but easy to maintain rigid vinyl could be the best solution for the long-term protection of your walls and corners.

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