5 Best Perks of Pursuing an Education Degree

When it comes to choosing a profession there are many different jobs available and chances are you will more than likely have a chance to get the one you want.

However, most people want a job that presents new things each day, is challenging, has room to grow, and is enjoyable. Working in education fits this profile perfectly. If you are still on the fence regarding what type of career you want, the following are reasons to pursue an education degree.

1. High demand

Today, an education degree is one of the most sought after degrees one can earn. In most institutions, an education degree is the minimal requirement to qualify for most jobs related to education such as being a teacher, community education officer, or an education administrator.

In many jurisdictions, teaching is a profession that is in high demand. This demand is expected to grow across various countries. While the demand for teachers keeps on growing, most areas nonetheless still experience a shortage of qualified teachers. Pursuing a degree in education, therefore, means you will be able to secure employment in many desirable jurisdictions.

2. Better pay & benefits

While money is never the main reason why most people pursue an education degree, you will be happy to know that most people with a degree in education are well-compensated professionals. Teachers’ wages are very competitive with many school boards willing to pay more to get the most qualified teachers.

The benefits packages also offered to teachers makes it even more attractive to pursue an education degree. Some of these benefits include pension plans, vacation days, dental and extended medical, and paid training to allow you to further your education.

3. Rewarding

If you are passionate about making an impact on young people’s lives, then you should pursue an education degree. By earning such a degree, you can become a teacher and directly teach young people, guiding them to achieve their full potential.

Teaching is also a very challenging yet rewarding profession. This is because you have to help children discover themselves and assist them in overcoming different struggles. For most teachers, it is always rewarding to see students achieve their aspirations and become successful. Also, as teachers shape the future of individual children, they also help in shaping the future of society as a whole.

4. Interdisciplinary subjects

Education is an interdisciplinary subject and as a result, an education degree provides you with knowledge from various disciplines. This is because while pursuing your degree in education, you are allowed to explore topics across different subject areas to enable you to gain more knowledge. This also allows you to pursue your interests or discover new ones.

The opportunity to pursue interdisciplinary subjects allows you to choose to specialize in your area of interest. For example, you could specialize in adult learning, special education, or secondary education. The interdisciplinary nature of a degree in education could also see you teach one subject in class during morning hours and another subject in the afternoon hours.

5. Many job opportunities

Pursuing an education degree does not mean that you have to be a teacher. This degree offers many exciting career paths outside the school setting. Graduates of an education degree can work in a broad range of public, private, and non-profit organizations.

Graduates can also pursue different professions including educational psychologists, child and youth worker, and career advisers just to name a few. Given that there are many professions you can pursue with this degree, you are more likely to have a great career as you are in the driver’s seat regarding which role you fill.

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