5 Design Components of a Versatile Motorcycle Jacket

Many people think that motorcyclists wear motorcycle jackets to look the part. However, the truth is they are very useful and provide a lot of protection that keeps people safe while riding them. There are many different types of jackets on the market with different looks and features, but there are certain things a jacket should have to provide comfort, protection, and functionality to the person wearing it.

Below are 5 things the motorcycle jacket that you wear should have and having them will definitely offer you a smoother, safer ride.

1. Leather interior

You do not like to think about crashing your motorcycle and sustaining injury. However, the reality is it can happen and many motorcycle accidents occur around the world daily. As a result, you need to take every precaution possible to protect yourself and the jacket you choose has a lot to do with this.

While there are many types of motorcycle jackets available made of different materials, the one you wear should be manufactured with leather. In the event that you fall from your bike, leather will save your skin from abrasions that could leave you seriously injured or worse. Leather is durable so it will not tear easily, giving you the best protection possible.

2. Ventilation

You want to be comfortable when riding your motorcycle especially if you will be travelling long distances. While it is easy to become hot in your motorcycle jacket during warmer months, you can become equally so in the cooler months due to improper ventilation.

A lack of ventilation in your motorcycle jacket may cause you to become uncomfortable and subsequently not as concentrated on the road in front of you. Therefore, it needs to have ventilation zipper that you can open and close when needed. These vents should be on the back, chest, and under the armpits and they will ensure your body does not become overheated while riding.

3. Correct sleeve length

The sleeve length on your motorcycle is extremely important. While most people do not pay much attention to them, it could be the difference between riding your bike safely and getting to your destination and not being able to operate it correctly and sustaining injury or death.

On most if not all motorcycles, the brakes are located on the handlebars. Therefore, it is only logical for you to ensure your sleeves too long to allow you to apply them when needed. The sleeves on your jacket also should not be too short as you will ensure your wrists if you get into an accident.

4. Padding

As mentioned, the leather on your motorcycle will protect your body from abrasions that can leave you seriously injured in the event of an accident. However, your jacket also needs to offer protection to prevent injury to other parts of your body.

The motorcycle jacket you wear should have extra padding in it. This will provide protection to vital organs such as your kidneys, heart, and lungs. The padding in your jacket should be thick enough to protect these parts of your body but thin enough where you can move comfortably while riding your bike and not restrict your ability to correctly operate it.

5. Pockets

Sometimes motorcycles do not have pockets or storage to keep belongings such as wallets, maps, and cell phones in. Therefore, sometimes it is necessary to have pockets on your jacket.

The pockets you have on your motorcycle should have buttons or zippers on them to prevent things from flying out. They also need to be waterproof to prevent damage if you are driving in inclement weather.

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