5 Long-Term Benefits of Short-Term Apartment Rentals

You need to leave town for a few weeks on a vacation or business trip. While it is logical to book a hotel or a motel for your stay, these places can be costly and if you will be with a few people it is not long until they begin to feel cramped. As a result, it may be more beneficial to consider a short-term apartment rental especially if you will be gone for more than one week. These places offer many benefits and below are reasons to consider one.

1. Saves you money

A short-term apartment rental is the best option if you have a low budget. In some areas, it costs up to $1000 to stay in a hotel for a week. In the same location, a short-term apartment rental could cost you about approximately half this amount for the same period. This means you get to enjoy significant savings if you decide to stay in a short term rental instead of a hotel.

At first, hotels may look cheaper but if you consider the long-term costs you will realize renting an apartment is way less expensive. For instance, the cost of your apartment rental includes extra amenities like washers and dryers and a full kitchen where you can prepare what you like. Getting some of these services in a hotel would mean having to pay extra or eating all of your meals in restaurants which can certainly add up after a while.

2. More space

Short-term apartments usually have more space compared to hotels. In most hotels, you get one room and a bathroom. This means you will have to share the bedroom if you are with coworkers and if you are with family it can get extremely crowded. This can be uncomfortable especially when you have to stay in that hotel room for an extended period.

Short-term apartments are spacious and are ideal when you are staying with a larger group of people. Every person will have their own room which will allow a great deal of privacy and space. Rental apartments have large living areas than hotels where you can get some rest after a tiresome day.

3. Amenities

Just like hotels, short-term apartment rentals have facilities that you can use for fun or unwind after a long day. In these short-term rental communities, you can enjoy the benefits of a gym, free Wi-Fi, and a pool. These amenities do not come at an extra cost and most communities are secure, allowing you to feel safe when using these amenities.

There are also extra benefits that you get in short-term rental apartments that you do not find in most hotels. These include small appliances, equipped kitchens, and extra bedding just to name a few. These amenities are essential to make your stay in these rentals as comfortable as possible.

4. Offers more privacy

Most people enjoy their privacy, and if you are one of those that do, then a short-term rental apartment is the place to stay. Apartments provide you with added privacy. You will be the only one holding the key to your unit, ensuring no one enters your apartment when you are away.

When you stay in a hotel, you do not always get control of the privacy like in an apartment. This is because cleaners and other hotel staff can enter your room at any time.

5. Great environment

Whether you are on vacation or away for an extended business trip, you may want to be near places such as grocery stores, restaurants, and hospitals but still have the opportunity to enjoy some peace and quiet.

Most apartments are located in areas away from the busy city life but close enough to travel to where you need to be. This ensures you have a quiet, peaceful environment to allow you to rest after a busy day. Some short-term apartments are also located in neighborhoods. This gives the serene homely environment while you are away from home and a place to relax.

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