6 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Shipping

There may be some benefits to having your own in-house trucking fleet. There will no doubt be a significant price tag attached to that too. Many companies now are opting to take advantage of third-party logistics companies or 3PLs. Not only is this a more affordable option for most businesses it can also be a lot more convenient.

Still not convinced why you should look to a third party logistics company to handle all of your shipping requirements? Read on for some great reasons on why this may be the best thing that you ever do for your business.

1. You can focus on other things

If you are tasked with keeping a whole fleet of trucks under control as they move around the country then you will probably have your hands full and even require a large team to keep communication clear and everything on track. By having a third party logistics company take over you will be able to work on other aspects of your business. You could be working to increase your market share and chase down new potential clients.

2. You can scale it easily

If you are planning to expand your shipping operations you will be able to increase the number of trucks you have on the road with a simple phone call. If you had your own fleet to worry about you would need to purchase more trucks and hire more drivers. This would be very disruptive to your cash flow as well as providing a few operational concerns as you onboard the new team members.

This can also be very useful if you expect to see a short-term seasonal bump. You are able to increase the number of trucks that you have on the road through your third-party logistics company for a few months over the holidays so that you can continue to meet demand. Then you are able to reduce the number for the rest of the year. This is significantly more cost effective than having a third of your whole fleet unused for 8 months of the year.

3. There’s less risk

When anyone employs an in-house team of truckers there is considerable liability concerns in place. With government regulations and the potential to incur severe fines, having a third party logistics company handle your shipping needs removes a lot of the risk.

4. It will save your business money

By employing a third-party logistics company, you will save money on operating costs. You won’t need to invest money in trucks, trailers, fleet maintenance, fuel and other associated equipment. This allows you to spend the money in ways that will grow your business and allow you to explore new products and services.

5. You will have fewer employees

By using a shipping company, you will be able to reduce the number of employees that you have on the books. You will not need the drivers or the logistical support they require. This means even more money saved.

6. You will have a reliability of service

The best third-party logistics companies will be able to offer guarantees about their ability to deliver a product. As your business means a lot to them and they rely on their reputation to secure more clients they often fo above an beyond to meet all of their client’s needs. This means that, in turn, your clients will be more satisfied with your services. Being able to provide this level of service consistently is what makes third-party logistics companies so effective at what they do.

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