6 Common Mistakes Made with Spousal Sponsorship Inside Canada

If you’re moving to Canada, there is a great deal of paperwork that must be done. The first order of business will be to apply for becoming a legal resident of this country. Of course, you’re likely to have better success with this process if you rely on the expertise of an attorney. The next thing you may want to do is to ensure your spousal sponsorship is obtained.

This will allow your spouse to be legally accepted in this country like yourself. However, there are many things you may wish to avoid doing if you hope to gain spousal sponsorship and these are below for your reference.

1. Not knowing eligibility requirements

The key to passing the test and enabling your spouse to live in this area with you will rest on understanding the condition. Failing to learn what these may be could translate to issues for you in a variety of ways.

For instance, the person in your family that you’re sponsoring should have a clean criminal record. There shouldn’t be any laws that have been broken by this individual.

Additionally, this individual shouldn’t be receiving social assistance of any type, or you will be denied.

2. Living outside of Canada

You must make sure that the individual you’re trying to sponsor doesn’t live outside of Canada. This could certainly lead to immediate denial and will only be a waste of your time.

This is not likely something you don’t know, but just in case it’s essential to make sure this is a fact. You’ll never want to attempt to get a spousal sponsorship for a person residing in another country.

3. Unlawfully together

You may live with a person that you aren’t married to, and while this is socially acceptable, it could prevent a sponsorship from occurring. It’s highly likely that you’ll need to prove your marriage with this person by providing the right documents.

Do you have a marriage certificate that you can provide during this process? If so, you’ll want to have it with you when you apply for this sponsorship.

4. Not declaring a family member

There is a process that must be completed before you’ll be able to conclude this method of support. This is known as claiming your family member and is entirely necessary to have success.

It’s impossible to get a spousal sponsorship unless this individual has been rightfully declared. If necessary, you’ll want to check not this before moving forward with this process.

5. Lying while applying

It’s legally required for you to be truthful in all of the statements and information you choose to provide in the application. This may be something you’ll need to check on to ensure there aren’t any mistakes being made.

For instance, it’s your responsibility to go over all of your personal information before applying. Telling a mistruth of any type could land you in a lot of trouble.

6. Not providing proof

There are many things you’ll need to prove and providing the right pictures and documents is a great way to accomplish this status. However, if you fail to do this, it’s possible that your application could be denied.

Canada is a great place to live, and there’s little doubt you’ll enjoy your time there. However, you’ll want to ensure your spouse is with you. This makes it essential to have success with the spousal sponsorship process!

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