6 Mascot Costume Tips and Secret Tricks

If you’re playing the role of a mascot for your high school or college, you may wear a bulky costume a great deal. While your efforts will be greatly appreciated by your school, you could feel more than a little discomfort when doing so. However, being a good sport and showing your support may be at the top of your agenda. If so, you’ll want to know ways to make this time more fun and less uncomfortable for you.

1. Ensure the right fit

While many mascot outfits may be very different from your regular clothing, you’ll still want to enjoy a good fit. Choosing a costume that is overly large means more weight and material for you to carry.

Be certain to attend all of the fittings while the costume is being made to allow you to enjoy a more tailored fit.

2. Add a cooling vest

There’s no doubt that many of the games at your school may be during the hottest months of the year. This can increase the uncomfortableness of wearing a costume of this type.

It may be in your best interest to opt for a cooling vest to keep your body temperature lower. Cooling vests usually have pockets that will allow the wearer to put ice packs in these.

3. Consider a fan

Some of the huge mascot costumes maybe some of the hottest ones to wear. However, the ones that have big heads may have the space for a small fan.

It’s ideal to have a fan in this area that will help circulate the air and could be the key to helping you remain cooler with the costume in place.

4. Clothes under the suit

One thing you can do that will drastically decrease your discomfort is to wear light-weight clothing underneath the costume. Choosing the right material will enable you to breath better and avoid being as uncomfortable regardless of the outside temperature.

Some items you should think about wearing include materials that offer moisture wicking and are light-weight. It’s an idea to wear t-shirts, tank tops and shorts. Be certain to avoid wearing long sleeves or long pants that may increase your discomfort.

5. Proper ventilation

Having the right type of ventilation on the mascot costume may allow you to feel better. For instance, it’s a good idea to have appropriate vents around the eyes, mouth and nose for more natural breathing.

Of course, this is a job the designer should do when creating the costume. However, if you feel the ventilation isn’t adequate, you can always contact this individual to make the necessary changes.

6. Set time limits

As dedicated as you may be at your school and sincerely wish to help at the games it’s ideal to set time limits for wearing this costume. Of course, having it in place for numerous hours will make wearing it nearly impossible.

Plan as much as possible and only wear the mascot uniform when necessary. If you can do so for only two-four hours at a time, this will make this task a much more manageable one.

The key to be an active contributor to your school may rest in taking on tasks and roles to help. Volunteering to be a mascot is sure to be appreciated and may be one of the top ways to show your support. The good news is you can remain comfortable while in this role by knowing what to do and being proactive. Take the time to do the things that will help you feel your best while wearing the mascot costume today!

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