6 Ways on How to Get More Customers in Your Store

With the rise in popularity of online shopping, physical retail stores are taking a huge hit. To keep people coming back to your store, again and again, it’s always a good idea to refresh your customer service skills and do what you can to get more customers in your store. Your goal is to attract more customers who hopefully keep coming back all year long.

In order to get more customers into your store, just remember that you want to provide a pleasant shopping experience for your customers. This means having your store looking great with attractive POP displays. Also, you should make sure your staff is dedicated to customer service.

Here are six different ways on how to get more customers in your store:

1. Store Signage

Does your store have clear, visible signage outside? This is the first step on how to get more customers to your store. If your signage is unclear or not visible, people will have a hard time finding it and might bypass it altogether. You also want to make sure that your signage is visible from the road so you can pull in people as they drive by.

Just as important as outdoor signage is indoor signage. You want to make sure that your aisles have clear signage describing what each aisle contains and that you have clear signage indicating any current sales you may be running. You don’t want to leave your customer confused and frustrated so make sure you prioritize having proper signage.

2. Store Window Displays

Does your store have a front window? If so, this is the perfect opportunity to attract more customers into your store. By creating a visual, eye-catching window display, you’ll have people stop and take a look at what your store offers.

If they like that they see, they’ll be more likely to enter your store. Get creative here and come up with a display that suits the current season. The more creative and unique you can make your display, the better it will be. Look online to get some inspiration and fun with this.

3. Store Landscaping

What does the outside of your store look like? If you have a large store with property out-front, it’s time to make it pretty! With proper landscaping, you can attract more customers to your store. The better put together it looks, the more successful you’ll be to get more customers in your store.

Consider adding in some small trees, plants, flowers, lots of greenspaces, and maybe even a fountain. When your customers see that the outside of your store is carefully cared for, they’ll know that they too will be cared for in your store.

4. An ‘Open’ Store Sign

You may be open for business, but do your customers know that? If you have a light-up “open” sign, make sure that the lighting is working correctly on it and that it’s on. When customers walk by a dimly lit store, they may think it’s closed. Also, make sure that the hours you have posted online when someone inputs your store in Google are up-to-date.

Nothing will frustrate a customer more than thinking you’re open and then visiting the store only to find out that you’re closed! Update these hours when it comes to holidays as well, so customers know when you’re closed for the day.

5. Customer Service Skills

Now that you have more customers in your store, it’s time to keep them coming back for more. How can you do this? By having amazing customer service! No one likes to go into a store and be ignored, so make sure all of your employees are smiling, greeting customers, asking if they need help, and being a friendly face.

If a customer needs help finding a product, you should have your staff escort them to the proper isle. If a customer is looking for a product that seems to be sold out, have your staff always check in the back to see if there is any stock back there. Doing these simple things and being there for your customers will make all the difference in their experience.

6. Mobile Technology

Is your store equipped with the latest technology when it comes to payment options? These days a lot of customers are used to tapping either their debit card or their cell phones, so make sure your debit machine accepts these kinds of payments. You want to make the shopping experience as easy as possible for your customers.

Doing things like this will keep your store in front of the best technology. This will keep your customers happy and prevent them from seeing you as an old, outdated store.

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