7 App Development Guidelines for Complete Newbies

There are many things that have changed about the world since smartphones were released. The ease of access to the internet 24 hours a day has transformed everything from communication to entertainment and much more. For businesses and marketing teams it has become a playground that invites innovation and opportunities for growth.

Constant maintenance and upgrading of mobile apps as the landscape and functionality of the mobile app world change have been very exciting to watch over the past few years.

So, here are seven app development guidelines that we bet you didn’t know about the mobile app world as complete newbies.

1. Tablet sales are on the rise

Laptops and desktops are on the way out to make way for a more app-based world of screens. As people no longer wish to be tied to a desk, more and more people are taking their businesses mobile. Armed with this knowledge it is easy to see just how important it is to have an app that is modern and always ahead of the game.

2. Websites are on the way out too

People are using apps much more than they are using the internet browser. This is a trend that has really shocked the tech world as many businesses are working diligently to develop apps for their customers to use.

3. Apps need to be responsive

There is no value in designing an app that is for one specific phone specifications. The real hard work that goes into an app developer company is that it will perform well on all devices. The sheer about of cell phones and tablets that are out there make this a real challenge but it is one that the best app developers have mastered and continue to improve day by day.

4. Apps will typically come out on iOS first

Apple users will often get their hands on new apps first. This is largely because many developers will start off building an app for iOS before then working to make it function on Android.

5. The most common devices out there are Android

Across the world android is the most common operating system for mobile devices, this is hardly surprising as the cost is usually a little less. This little bit of information may be worth examining a little further if you are intending to launch an app that is specific to a location. You may find that Apple is the most common. It’s these types of insights that can help your app development partner really show off their skills.

6. The real money in apps development comes from ad revenue

This is the main reason that many people get into the app development game, this is certainly true for the gaming world. You may have noticed that whenever you try to play a game on your mobile or tablet device that you are often interrupted by many ads. For each time you watch an add the owner of the app will receive some revenue.

7. In-app purchases are big business

If you think about online shopping and how it has transformed it is remarkable. With just a few taps on your phone, you can order a pizza or taxi to your door. You could even have groceries delivered or a new couch arrive, all without speaking to a single person. Any online retailer that has not taken the initiative to build an app is missing out on a very engaged consumer base. This is something that cannot be ignored and if you are considering having an app developed then now is the time to contact an app development team so that they can get the ball rolling.

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