8 Different Types of Promotional Materials for Businesses

The idea of starting, and subsequently, running a business is an enticing prospect. You are the master of your own destiny in a way; everything starts and ends with you. In between those two goalposts, are a myriad of tasks and challenges to tackle and accomplish. Luckily, there are things that can work in your favour.

Take, for instance, the concept of promotional materials. These items help to not only build your brand’s awareness, but can also help your consumers for a low cost. Promotional products are central to marketing and expanding your business ventures. Since they are low-cost, you should have no problem being able to provide your clients with different types.

There are many different types of promotional materials to utilize. Think outside the box; the simplest of materials are usually the best! For inspiration, here is a list with different types of promotional materials for businesses:

1. Stress Balls

One of the most common types of promotional materials is the stress ball. If you’ve come across a business stand in a mall before, you’ve probably gotten one of these. Stress balls are an excellent item to use for promotional materials. They are low-cost, straight to the point, and can be infinitely customizable.

In regards to the latter, make sure to print your business name onto the ball. This helps to ensure that customers take a good look at who they got the ball from, once in use. There are a number of factors that induce stress in our lives. Providing customers with a stress ball is a great way to simultaneously reduce said stress, while fostering brand awareness.

2. Magnets

After we come home from work, we usually head to the fridge to grab a drink or meal. Before you open the fridge door, most of us will have magnets attached to hold our schedules or calendars. If you want a quick and easy way to promote your business, provide customers with your own branded magnet!

Magnets are an immensely flexible item to give your consumers. For starters, they can be customized to hold key business information. Plus, you can rest assured that customers will take a good look at the information whenever they walk to their fridge. It is inexpensive, yet very appealing to use.

3. T-Shirts

If your company is alluring enough, you may be able to market it even further through the use of clothing. The most popular way to do this? Give your customers a t-shirt. T-shirts are an excellent promotional material to use, no matter what sort of business you are running. They can come in a myriad of colours, while also having key information printed on the front or back.

Make sure to have multiple sizes available, if you are planning to use this item for promotional purposes. Since no two consumers are alike, you’ll want to have a good supply of t-shirts on hand. That way, you’ll be able to keep your potential customers engaged and happy!

4. Headwear

T-shirts may be a popular choice for promotional materials, but they aren’t the only clothing option available. Headwear is another low-cost means of getting your clients to remember your business. There is plenty of room here for variation as well; hats are usually the go-to choice, however.

A good hat, for example, is simple in nature. Just keep the brand name front and centre, and throw in the tagline if there is available room. If you are able to, try to get different types of hats too! Baseball caps are just as popular as snapbacks for those of all ages.

5. Drinkware

Everyone loves a good cup of coffee. Whether it is a morning ritual at home, or a cup made at the office, coffee is universally beloved. So, why not try using a coffee mug for a promotional material? Your business will be remembered, while also granting your customer a means to drink their morning java.

Drinkware doesn’t stop at coffee mugs either. A water bottle with your business name branded on it can suffice as well. It is an easy and convenient way to provide consumers with a useful item, while furthering your promotional goals.

6. Desk Accessories

A pencil or pen with your company information on it is a classic promotional material. They are inexpensive to get a large batch, while also guaranteeing that they will be used. If you can, try to go with different colours, in order to give them to younger clients!

7. Flyers

While the most effective promotional materials can be used in some fashion, they sometimes can’t be distributed en masse. This is where the power of flyers make their mark. Being able to market your business on a single sheet of paper is a highly efficient means of garnering enhanced interest.

8. Custom Postcards

One would be surprised at just how popular postcards are, in terms of being a promotional material. If you have a list of clients, you can easily send them a postcard that details a specific service or upcoming product.

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