4 Ways Catering Services Can Grow Your Small Business

In today’s highly competitive economy, small businesses often need to expand their services. A delicatessen may need to expand its services to include catering in addition to the individual sales that take place out of the storefront. Offering catering delivery services is a great way to grow your small business. Consider these four ways in which offering corporate and special event catering can help to grow your base of customers and enhance your sales and profitability.

Increased Exposure
When a deli offers catering services, you are able to enjoy increased exposure. The packaging, napkins or bags that the foods are wrapped in will bear your logo and contact information. This may inspire individuals to come into your delicatessen and buy their lunch or meats and cheeses from your establishment. When one of those individuals is hosting his or her own special event, such as a birthday or anniversary party, they may turn to your business for the catering.

Weekend and Nighttime Events
The busiest time for a delicatessen is usually weekday lunch time, when business workers stop by for lunch. Saturday mornings can also be busy for a deli, especially those that are located near city centers and shopping districts where visitors and tourists tend to congregate. Otherwise, a deli may have few customers in late afternoons, evenings and weekend days. By offering catering, you can fill in those slow times of your day. Food can be prepared when there are fewer customers. You may even be able to grow your staff by having people come in for evening or weekend hours to prepare, wrap and transport food to events.

Corporate Accounts
What seems like a one-time catering event could turn into a regular contract as the caterer for a corporation. Many corporations host regular lunches for their business partners or out-of-town employees. They may also host regular charity events that take place over a meal. By doing a great job offering catering services at one event, you could land a long-term contract that turns into a highly profitable client account.

Free Publicity
When you offer catering services through your delicatessen, you can ask the event holder to include the name of your deli on their brochures or programs that are being given out to the guests or attendees of the event. Even a simple statement such as, “Catering by,” with your business’ name and logo can help you to gain attention. You do not have to pay for this publicity, yet it will be seen by dozens or even hundreds of individuals who may be in a position in the future to hire you as their event caterer. For additional resources, visit the Greensville Gourmet website.

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