Top 8 Tips for Designing Business Cards

Though everything is headed into paperless transactions, an entrepreneur must think of ways to attract more people to their services. One of the effective ways of marketing your services is by designing a unique business card. As you contemplate this strategy, you could try the following designing tips to stand out.

1. Decide on the details

You don’t want a prospective client to struggle with identifying what your business is all about. Since the space is tiny, be sure to include the company name, contact details, and the services you provide. As you write the details, make sure they are accurate and easy to read –inaccurate contact details can cost you a potential client.

2. Legibility

As you design the business card, you should consider the ease of reading the details. Choose clear fonts as they give the first impression. Your logo, too, should stand out because it markets the business. If you visit the The Printing House website, you may be able to find more information.

3. Be creative

One of the ways to stand out is by incorporating imagination as you design the business card. People are attracted to art and creativity. Ensure that the creativity is relevant to your brand.

4. Stand out

Most business cards are direct and straightforward, with essential details. You can use bright colors as they tend to excite a customer. However, avoid blending it with multiple bright colors as it may be disorderly and confusing.

5. Hire an expert

If you are doing this for the first time, you should seek the services of a professional. It is easy to make mistakes such as misaligning and trimming, messing up the entire card. With an expert, you are likely to get a perfect design.

6. Work on the finishing

Having a special touch could be the best way to make a cute business card. Prospective clients can identify with a card whose finish has a better finishing. You can design using an attractive shape or a raised print.

7. Design per your brand

As you design the card, make sure it represents your business. If you deal with luxury and stylish products, your card’s design will be different from other brands. A perfect choice could be using foil details to represent the brand.

Individuals dealing with carpentry or masonry might consider a picture that best markets their specialty. Select a paper stock and finish that identifies you as the most reliable service provider. When choosing paper stocks, you should know that they can tell your expertise in the relevant industry (determines whether your business is a startup or a renowned brand).

8. Include a call to action

More than advertising the brand, you should consider a call to action strategy. You can suggest tips that would convince the potential client about settling for your services and not a competitor’s. If you are marketing beauty products, you can highlight your products and services’ benefits and offer a discount to clients who contact you within a particular period.

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